Mels profileHi, my name is Melissa Davies and I am a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, and owner of Vernon Reflexology. I offer my services from the beautiful Arise Wellness Center. My interest in understanding the mind and body led me to study psychology after high school. In 2004 I completed my formal schooling with a B.Sc. in Psychology.  With excitement, I took off to travel Canada in pursuit of my passion for learning about holistic health. Throughout my travels I began to see the crucial role that relaxation and energy play in both mental and physical health. My curiosity of energy led me to study with two very gifted Reiki Masters in Calgary, where I eventually became Certified as a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher in 2009. Soon after, I relocated to the Okanagan with my husband and daughter and have been offering Reiki treatments and Certification workshops every since. My Reiki practice has allowed me to work with people dealing with numerous physical and mental conditions including post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, glaucoma, shoulder and back pain, depression, scoliosis, arthritis, cancer, as well as assisting in the transition of death. I also work as a Residential Mental Health Worker, which continues to give me the opportunity to experience mental health first hand, while being able to provide support to many people within my community.

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