“Today I experienced my first Reflexology session. This year I declared 2015 a year of self healing. Melissa is an important part of my journey. I live with a pain condition rated 42/50 on the McGill pain scale and was ready for the touch I felt to evoke pain. I was so pleasantly surprised when Melissa’s touch evoked the opposite. Caring, detailed and thorough each area of me was delicately guided to self healing. The intensity of the session is obvious from Melissa’s fire with in. A powerful practitioner I am honored to have Melissa in my corner. After my session my anxiety was dissipated and the pressure in my head relieved. I felt a warmth and gratitude for our time together. Thank you Melissa. You are perfect!”
~Susanne McCaughey (Raindrop Facilitator Meditation Coach)


“Melissa lets her knowledge and intuition guide her as she does her work. I could feel areas in my body start to release and I felt myself working though old traumas. Felt so grounded after, thanks Melissa!”
~ Jenna Rose Des Ordons (Red Bird Acupuncture)


“I didn’t expect to feel the tingling in my scalp, or sensation in my sciatic.. It is amazing how connected the nerve endings in our feet are to the rest of our body. So relaxed afterwards.. Melissa definitely has the ‘ heeling’ touch!”
~Sandra Detwiller (Clinical Aromatherapist)


“I had never tried Reflexology before, and I was surprised by how amazing it feels. Absolute bliss, and so relaxing. I emerged from my sessions floating on air. I also feel that my immune function and circulation have improved since starting treatment. Melissa is a truly gifted healer and I would highly recommend her services.”
~Alana Cheyne (Yoga Instructor)


“My first Reiki session I received through Melissa’s hands was one of the most profound experiences of my life, immediately afterward the energy surged, and a lightness of my mental stress was obvious. The energy already started to return. I know that my continued treatments with Melissa are going to be life changing for me.”